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Confidence Building

Silverback Commodities and Traders LLC (Silverback) is registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as an energy- trading company. Silverback has enjoyed a long history of partnering with world-class domestic and international oil suppliers and refineries to deliver petroleum products to our customers.

With our extensive experience in global logistics, deal flow, and financial deal structure, our mission is to provide integrity, excellent services, and real solutions.

Confidence building is a trademark for Silverback, which is a Disabled Veteran and Minority owned petroleum and crude oil consulting company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, doing international business since 2003 under QSI Consulting.

With a global consortium of over 100 trade desk and petroleum brokers that are ready, willing, and able to process our orders immediately.

Our transactional reach extends beyond the United States with national and global affiliates in London, England; Paris, France; Asian Countries; African Countries; Canada; Caribbean; Mexico; Latin America; Taiwan; and India

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