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Feeding a

Hungry World

Headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, Silverback Commodities is a member of a consortium of petroleum buyers,  which engage to provide oil trading operations for petroleum products.   Silverback has achieved strong credibility in the petroleum industry by insisting on quality standards as well as ethically responsible strategic partners.


We at Silverback Commodities never stop moving forward, working to improve our customers’ experiences, our communities and our employees and partners. We’re continually energized by our people and their passions for excellence. And together we have the drive to create a new future of energy for us all.


We all value time, but without energy, time is limited. What we do tap into is the true resource of our client’s energy and their time will greatly improve in value. We find common ground where the workable solution for organizations functioning in the real world by paring it down to three performance pillars they must have to succeed—focus, energy, and drive. This pressure to do more with less has reached epidemic levels of concern for all countries and organizations.

  • New Vision of clients

  • Responding to Economic Meltdowns

  • Political & economic cooperation

  • Increasing economic activities

  • Local population to benefit

  • Expansion of services

  • Oil and gas exploration/production

  • Partnering with International Companies

  • Developing oil reserves (lite, medium & heavy)

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