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Feeding a Hungry World

Mr. James Earl Jones, founder, and principal at Silverback Commodities has over twenty-five years of experience with global governments, energy, military, finance, project development, and engineering.

Having spent many years traveling and prior to founding Silverback Commodities, Mr. Jones was President and Managing Director of QSI International Inc., a human resources and management consulting practice.  

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Now, with SBC offices in the United States, London and Paris, France, Silverback Commodities has built and supported relationships in Africa, Asia, Canada, Mexico, and Eastern Europe to supply the needs of a global community.

Mr. Jones manages Silverback Commodities Consultants, which assigns able facilitators and contractors for buyers and sellers of petroleum and crude oil globally.  All facets of Silverback Commodities are dedicated to providing top quality and transparent services to all our clients. A strong proponent of the principles of corporate social responsibility, Mr. Jones performs with impeccable integrity and uncompromising ethical standards.

Mr. Jones, a retired US Navy veteran, has leveraged his extensive military background and naval experiences to deliver jet fuel and bunker fuel.  He was responsible for the acquisition and budgeting of surface ships and aircraft material requirements and support personnel for combat readiness and operations, worldwide.

As a result of unmet demands for supply of petroleum fuel products, Mr. Jones recognized that delivering energy and petroleum in an ethical and expedient manner is one of the world’s greatest challenges for our allies and partners. Due to mandates for leadership and transparency in the supply of fuels to global wide communities and markets, Silverback Commodities is looking at options for contracting its fuel needs to supply fuel to its future and actual clients at a competitive price. By leveraging relationships across these international markets, we can be a reliable buyer and supplier of refined oil products through many refineries.

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