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Meet The Team


Steve Slade, President

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Mr. Slade has over twenty years in business development and ten years in the petroleum industry. He provides strong leadership for the company in global operations by working with our clients approach in establishing short and long-term goals, plans and strategies. 

Mr. Slade develops and maintains corporate relationships with key and strategic clients focused on downstream primarily, and upstream and midstream secondarily which includes oil refineries, pipelines, processing, and terminal companies. He manages targeted client accounts to leverage growth and nurtures long-term relationships to become our client's "Trusted Advisor".

Mr. Slade has a B. S. Degree from Widener University.

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Dr. William Ragone, C.O.O.

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Dr. Ragone has been involved in Oil and Gas on the structural transactional side of this industry for over 10 years upon his retirement from his past career as a dentist. As a key partner in this specifically defined role, Dr. Ragone works in tandem with senior leaders to provide strategic direction and solution-oriented leadership in the development and execution of a coordinated risk-based compliance anti-corruption programs.


Dr. Ragone is a principled and dynamic thought leader and consultant who propels Silverback Commodities forward as an international front-runner in commodities transactions and oversight of compliance standards to judiciously minimizing all compliance risks. Most import for the health and success of Silverback Commodities Dr. Ragone’s superior business development relationship skills, client care coupled with his attention and pursuit of the truth and integrity of those seeking to enter business relationships with Silverback Commodities and Traders.

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Robert "Bob" Patrick, C.F.O.

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Mr. Patrick, a Certified Chief Financial Officer (CCFO), assists in growing Silverback Commodities & Traders LLC mid-markets and adding development in the company’s financial practice and goals. During his career Bob has served on numerous private company boards and has been a senior executive, managing partner, founder, entrepreneur, senior advisor, workout specialist, and fund raiser for over twenty five years. His specific focus is working closely with senior management to accelerate growth with strategic advice on equity and debt structures, acquisitions, strategic partnerships or new product strategies. Bob holds a BS in Accounting from Rutgers University, and held senior level positions as a CPA at consulting firms as a senior auditor and corporate tax consultant.

Feeding a

Hungry World

Why Choose Us



Achievable Tangible

  • Personalized services designed to save time and money

  • What separates a good wholesale fuel  supply company from a great one? Two words: exceptional service.

  • Simply put, providing turnkey wholesale gasoline and diesel isn’t enough for us. 

  • Services designed to save time and money.

  • We go above and beyond with our service offerings to make your job easier and, ultimately, give you peace of mind in fixed fees.

What separates a good wholesale fuel  supply company from a great one? Two words: exceptional service.
Simply put, providing turnkey wholesale gasoline and diesel isn’t enough for us. 
We go above and beyond with our service offerings to make your job easier and, ultimately, give you peace of mind in fixed fees.


Factors of Influence

  • Supply, demand, output, and logistics.

  • Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) set supply through a quota system.

  • Future supply and reserves.

  • Demand from major countries/market sentiment.

  • Political events, crises and investor confidence.


SBC Due Diligence

SBCT seeks to carefully assess associated costs and risks prior to starting and completing a client's transactions. 

What is a due diligence checklist?

SBCT uses a due diligence checklist organized to analyze a company that SBCT is considering doing business with. By following this checklist, we can learn about a company's assets, liabilities, contracts, benefits, and potential problems.

What is proof of due diligence?

Due diligence refers to being able to prove that SBCT’s business has done everything reasonably possible to comply with current legislation and regulations. In other words, it helps to prove that SBCT applied all reasonable precautions to avoid committing an offence.


SBC Quality Services (SBCQS)

The SBCQS requires active participation between client and SBCT. Communications must be clear and written down with adequate instructions being given to staff. Solid records  will document each transaction and communications must be kept of all purchase payments are made to clients and facilitators to ensure that the quality system are working properly.

Comprehensive Data & Deep Insight

SBCT must synthesize data across multiple areas of risk from integrity and compliance to Cyber and Financial health, combining in-house data like industry-leading World-Check Screening database with best-in-class partner data to give SBCT a complete 360 degree view of your third party.

Trust Ethical Reputation and Information Security – SBCT is a brand our partners can trust. We use only ethical and non-intrusive research methods committed to principles of integrity and accountability.


Petroleum Products Offered 

Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO)

Diesel Gas Oil

D2 Gost

CST Fuel Oil


Base Oil

SN 150, SN 500


Prilled /Granular


Virgin Diesel Oil


Octane Ron

88, 91, 92, 95, 97

Crude Oil

(all standard types and grades including BLCO)


Jet Fuels/Aviation Kerosene

JP54/ Jet A1



60/70, 80/100


(Liquefied Petroleum Gas)



(Liquefied Natural Gas)

Various Coal

6500 /6300 /5500/ 5300

Diesel En590

10ppm and 50ppm

Mazut M100 Gost



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Contact Us

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Pelitah Parker.jpg

Pelitah Parker, Int'l
Petroleum Sales

Ms. Parker, with over 10 years sales expertise, is responsible for direct sales and sales facilitation among existing and new Silverback Commodities & Traders customers with the goal of driving repeatable, sustainable and predictable incremental sales. She uses our existing petroleum customers to launch her sales consulting efforts and she works closely to determine their needs, answer their questions about our products and recommend the right solutions.

Ms. Parker fosters a mutual understanding with Silverback Commodities & Traders clients in establishing strategic business priorities and shared objectives. She works to develop and maintain account plans while defining the overall opportunities and business situation, identifying target opportunities for growing the account, setting financial targets, and specifying strategies for winning, and detailing actions to strengthen relationships and pursue opportunities. She develops robust and respectful relationships with our client representatives.


Romane Desir, Int'l Petroleum Sales Director

Mr. Desir provides nearly two decades of petroleum, financial guidance, and investment strategies. He develops a deep client relationship and manages to think critically in using sound judgment when serving Silverback Commodities & Trader’s petroleum clients. He reviews client’s overall petroleum needs to understand their business model and with an overall financial picture in mind.

In his business development approach,


Mr. Desir partners by working with Silverback’s clients in recommending trading platforms, logistic transporting and energy solutions. He facilitates and participates in the development of Silverback's strategic vision for the oil, petroleum & gas industry. With his gold rush of industry ideas, it allows him to cultivate and maintain senior level relationships with our clients while expanding brand awareness, and promoting and selling Silverback Consulting Services.

Mr. Desir was educated at the University of Haiti, Science of Language, Speaking English, French, Creole, and Spanish. He has authored one book, “Haiti, A Country At The Crossroads After Two Centuries Of Independence! He ensures Silverback is compliant with Bureau of Securities Licensing, Compliance, and Examinations with Series 6, 26, and 63, and registered representative with FINRA. He also holds Life, Health, Property and Casualty or PC Insurance.

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